Durex Surprise Mix 40

Durex Surprise Mix 40


Toote omadused

Täppidega tekstuur Täppidega tekstuur. Kondoom kaetud täpikestega tagamaks veelgi suurema naudingu mõlemale partnerile.
Ribidega tekstuur Ribidega tekstuur. Kondoom kaetud soonelise tekstuuriga tagamaks veelgi suurema naudingu mõlemale partnerile.
Paksem, tugevam Paksem, tugevam. Kondoom on keskmisest paksem ja pakub tugevat kaitset ja sobib neile, kes eelistavad lisakindlust intiimsuhetes
Õhuke Õhuke. Kondoom on õhem kui tavaline variant, pakkudes loomulikumat tunnetust ja suuremat tundlikkust intiimsuhetes.

40 condoms in the package

The Durex Fun Mix gigapack contains a diverse selection of condoms so that every intercourse can be exciting and special.

10x Elite (Sensitivo) - condoms are extra thin and covered with an extra layer of lubricant, which ensures better pleasure and sensitivity.

10x Pleasuremax (Pleasure Me) - the condom has ribs and dots. Ribs are located on the bottom of the condom to stimulate the g-spot.

10x Extra Safe - slightly thicker than standard Durex condoms for those who want security but don't want to sacrifice comfort.

10x Arouser - Made with uniquely positioned ribs for a more intense experience during sex.