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Durex Mutual Climax
  • Durex Mutual Climax
  • Durex Mutual Climax

Durex Mutual Climax 10

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Toote omadused

Kondoomi omadus: Tuimestav Tuimestav. Kondoomi libestis on kohalik anesteetikum, mis vähendab tundlikkust, et aidata mehel kauem kesta ja aidates pikendada vahekorda, suurendades samal ajal mugavust.
Kondoomi omadus: Täppidega tekstuur Täppidega tekstuur. Kondoom kaetud täpikestega tagamaks veelgi suurema naudingu mõlemale partnerile.
Kondoomi omadus: Ribidega tekstuur Ribidega tekstuur. Kondoom kaetud soonelise tekstuuriga tagamaks veelgi suurema naudingu mõlemale partnerile.

10 condoms in a pack

Durex Mutual Climax condoms provide more intense pleasure.

The outside of the condom is covered with dots and veins so that the woman can reach orgasm more quickly, while the inside is covered with lubricant, which in turn slows down the male orgasm.

The condom is designed so that both partners culminate simultaneously.

Mutual Climax Condom is designed to help you and your partner reach a common peak.

  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Transparent natural latex
  • Nominal Width 56 mm
  • 100% electronic testing


World's No1 condom brand

Durex is the world's leading condom brand with over 80 years of quality experience.

Durex Condoms Quality.

Durex condoms don't just meet worldwide quality standards, they exceed them. Easy-On. Specially shaped to be easier to put on and more comfortable to wear.

Sensi-fit condom.

Durex sensi-fit condoms are specifically designed to offer a greater feeling where you want it most. Smells better. The special way we make our condoms means they smell better.

Durex Mutual Climax condoms are designed for an intense experience for you both.

The condom has ribs and dots on the outside to speed her up, and delay lube on the inside to slow him down.


Please read the leaflet inside the pack carefully. Use as Directed. Use a condom only once.

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