Pasante Super King kondoomid

Pasante Super King


Toote omadused

Kondoomi omadus: XL-suurus XL-suurus. Kondoom on mõeldud väga suure ümbermõõduga peenisele, tagades turvalise ja mugava kaitse intiimsuhetes.

Pasante Super King Size condoms are an ideal choice especially for large men who find that XL size condoms just don't fit. These condoms are the largest latex condoms available and offer extra space in both width and length for maximum comfort. The width of a regular size condom is usually around 54mm - Pasante Super King sized condoms are 69mm wide, offering a much wider circumference. They are also about 20 mm longer than a regular condom, which is ideal for men who need extra space. The larger size ensures a more comfortable and pleasant experience during sex and reduces the risk of the condom cracking

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