Durex Extended Pleasure 3

Durex Extended Pleasure 3


Toote omadused

Kondoomi omadus: Tuimestav Tuimestav. Kondoomi libestis on kohalik anesteetikum, mis vähendab tundlikkust, et aidata mehel kauem kesta ja aidates pikendada vahekorda, suurendades samal ajal mugavust.

3 condoms in a pack

Our durex extended pleasure condoms have performatm lubricant to help delay his orgasm, keeping him excited and helping to make sex last longer. We have improved the comfort and smell so theres no distraction when youre getting it on.

Product Features

  • Made with performatm silicone lubricant contains benzocaine 5%, a local anaesthetic to help him last longer
  • Easy-on, teat ended, smooth shaped condoms
  • Durex quality: 100% electronically tested with 5 more quality tests carried out on every batch


Please read the leaflet inside the pack carefully. Use as Directed. Use a condom only once.