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Durex Fun Explosion 40

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40 condoms in a package

The Durex Fun Explosion condom pack contains a choice of 4 different condoms:

10 x Durex Elite

Durex Elite condoms are extra thin and coated with an extra layer of lubricant, which ensures better pleasure and sensitivity.

10 x Durex Pleasuremax

Uniquely placed ribs and dots increase the stimulation for you and your partner.

10 x Durex Feel Ultra Thin

Durex Fetherlite condoms are 20% thinner than standard condoms, which in turn ensures more intense pleasure and sensitivity during intercourse.

10 x Durex Strawberry

Durex strawberry flavored condoms.

  • Easy-On shape and nipple tip for comfort and fit
  • Transparent natural latex rubber condoms.
  • Nominal width: 56 mm
  • 100% electronically tested