Perfect Connection 10

Perfect Connection 10


Toote omadused

Kondoomi omadus: Paksem, tugevam Paksem, tugevam. Kondoom on keskmisest paksem ja pakub tugevat kaitset ja sobib neile, kes eelistavad lisakindlust intiimsuhetes

10 condoms in the package

The condoms in the Perfect Connection range are designed with extra thickness and silicone-based extra-lubrication, providing greater security and longer-lasting lubrication.

Perfect Connection condoms are the most lubricated in the Durex range, silicone-based.

  • Suitable for anal, oral and vaginal sex.
  • With straight, soft and smooth shape technology.
  • Designed to adapt to you, for a more comfortable and pleasant experience.
  • Durex condoms not only meet international quality standards, they exceed them.
  • The width of the condom is 56mm.