Pasante Trim 3

Pasante Trim 3


Toote omadused

Kondoomi omadus: S-suurus S-suurus. Kondoom on mõeldud kitsama ümbermõõduga peenisele (45-52mm), pakkudes turvalist ja mugavat kaitset intiimsuhetes.

12 condoms in the package

Men come in all shapes and sizes, and Pasante Trim condoms are designed with that fact in mind. Pasante is one of the leading condom manufacturers and offers the largest selection of condoms in the world, covering all different shapes, sizes, styles and preferences. Although you may feel a little reluctant to try a smaller condom, you certainly won't regret the decision - by choosing the right size condom from the many different types available, you will not only ensure the best possible protection, but also ensure that you can fully enjoy intercourse. The width of these condoms is 49 mm, which can be contrasted with a regular condom with dimensions of 52-54 mm.